When i press my steering wheel for the horn. It doesn't work. What could it be?

My truck has started jerking when I accelerate, it starts at 1,800 to 2,000 rpm and gets progressively worse unless I take my foot off the gas and hit it again. It started a little bit in third gear but I could shift to fourth and it would stop. It's also making an odd sound while driving normally.
Mileage: 40,000

Jan 2nd light came on repair cost $450 for bad fuel sensor. 1,1/2 months later check engine light on again after 400mile trip. Can't afford to be fixing another ch. Engine light in this time

If it will do damage

replaced with a generic denso from advantage auto. now I have a code saying the o2 sensor heater is not functioning correctly. checkd their website, they don't list a generic for sensor 1, only for sensor2. Tried a drive cycle, no change. ordered a direct fit denso ox sensor from rock auto. Hoping for the best, this is a salvage truck and It has to pass state inspection before I can get it through the salvage inspection program, to be able to drive it.

engine is warmed up going 40mph slow down to about 15-20mph then push gas pedal to blend in traffic get no responce for about 11/2-2seconds then picks up, this has happened more then a dozen times in last 3-months, dealer said no DTC'S stored or pending, vehicle operating as designed. I owned truck for over a year, why is this happening now i have not changed my driving ways.