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I had the timming set wrong took it to mech he says it has no compression but he still has the timming chain cover and vale cover off is this true can you tell about compression with all that open ?
Check engine light came on the same time this started hard to get in gear.
I have disconnected the battery for a few minutes. No help.
The emission control valve occasionally sticks. When it is freed the light continues to stay on.
While Stuck as I rocked the truck the shifter just let go From it linkage connection
they just changed a coil caused by a p302code. and clicking went away for about 3 months
In the past I would keep lights on in position 2 this would turn the lights on automatically when truck was started and automatically turn off when car was off and I opened the driver's door Now they just stay on when...
AC will not turn down, when I come to a stop it pulls on my engine and almost kills it. I have to turn it off. What does this mean?
pump ejects when trying to fill tank
just replaced center carer bearing on drive line
I have two spare keys and one spare remote but need a replacement spare remote. The dealership wants $680. There has to be a better way. Please help.
Triple A installed a new battery. I was in Florida on vacation. Drove to New York. My A/C did not operate, till I drove down a hill in Georgia. Did not use it much the weather was cool. I am in CA. now. A/C bl...
Both my low beam headlights went out. Only the high beams work. I checked the fuses and they are fine.