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my tire on passenger side makes a grinding noise. I already changed wheel bearings on both side but noise continues. I was wondering if I can get any tips to help me find out where the noise is coming from. thanks a l...
Dash indicators also freeze on solid. have replaced all rear bulbs (both sides)
will shift into 2nd after 4000 rpm's but does not go into 3rd also idle will surge at a stop
I need to replace the cam phasers. How much does it cost to replace them
i noticed when i put wheight in truck i loose alot of power and find myself down shifting all the way down to first like i should get out and push. my truck has 364000 is she just wore out or can i regain the get up a...
It sounds as though the brakes may be wearing down on my truck. If I come with news brake pads in hand, what should I pay for the service? Lawrence.Benjamin@gmail.com Thanks, BJ
2002 Tacoma Prerunner Fuel Problem Prerunner accepts fuel very slowly and can take upwards of 30 minutes to fill the tank. HELP?