Did tune up 800 miles ago including file filter I have 141680 miles it stalls at gas pump, no leaks on hose but still runs good

Pre runner.

Has anyone worked on the code P0303 and P1310 igniter circuit bank 2(cyl 2 & 3)?

runns better on hi test fuel

I had a check engine light for some time, and found it to be the upstream O2 sensor (P1135). I left it go for a while due to money issues, but just replaced it the other week. The check engine light cleared right away, but about a day later, returned, and now when I had it checked at AutoZone, I am getting a P0420 code. Is one of my cats now bad due to neglecting to change the upstream sensor, or could it be because of the downstream sensor going bad? I also was told that due to the increased amount of ethanol now being used in gas, that many people are getting false codes on their engines. Thanks for any help, I'm trying to replace anything myself, but don't want to spend the money on a part that isn't bad!

sometime brake light will come on just riding down road got good pedal and fluid is good

I have changed the spark plugs and put cleaner through fuel to clean injectors. Still only getting 15-18 mpg. Auto trans. 139500 miles. what could thre problem be?

It sounds as though the brakes may be wearing down on my truck. If I come with news brake pads in hand, what should I pay for the service?


Recently the right front turn signal comes on (does not blink) when I hit the brakes. Signals work OK when not braking ... what is going on or where do I look?

2002 Tacoma Prerunner Fuel Problem
Prerunner accepts fuel very slowly and can take upwards of 30 minutes to fill the tank. HELP?

Does the 2002 Tocoma have a timing belt or chain?

I was just informed that my cataltic converter is bad and needs to be replaced. My mechanic told me there are two catalytic converters on my truck. Is this true?

check engine light came on found out it was the shifting solenoid how do I repair this

In the past few days, my truck has developed a squak when I barely push on the accelerator. It os not constant, only when I barely press on the accelator

I went to the toyota dealership to check on my steering. I was hearing a noise on the left front tire each time I tried to turn the wheel to the left. Toyota said they checked the front wheels and could find nothing wrong. They said my powersteering was making a noise and needed to be replaced, which it was makeing some noise.They replaced it, drove it around.The mechanic said he could feel it tighten up.Since the power steering did not solve the problem, they said it was possibly the rack and pinion going bad. They said take it home and bring it back in a couple of days they would have the parts to replace the rack and pinion. I asked and made sure they checked everything out on the front end and was it safe to drive home. They said yes. I get home and the left front wheel comes off. The left lower ball joint had broken. I made them replace both lower balljoints on bothe sides. I was told that the top joints didnot need to be replaced. The steering is tight but I can feel the steering loosen up at times and then tighten back up again. The rack and pinion is not leaking. They did a front end alignment after putting in the lower ball joints.It seems to be veering to the right and when I brake it sometimes pulls to the right and sometimes the steering tightens up. Can you give me any ideas what it might be.I'm tired of the guess work and paying for parts that not solving the problem.If it isn't the rack and pinion what else could it be? I am a woman getting ripped off and I dont know what to do.Can you help