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Does the 2002 Tocoma have a timing belt or chain?
I was just informed that my cataltic converter is bad and needs to be replaced. My mechanic told me there are two catalytic converters on my truck. Is this true?
check engine light came on found out it was the shifting solenoid how do I repair this
In the past few days, my truck has developed a squak when I barely push on the accelerator. It os not constant, only when I barely press on the accelator
I went to the toyota dealership to check on my steering. I was hearing a noise on the left front tire each time I tried to turn the wheel to the left. Toyota said they checked the front wheels and could find nothing w...
I had a check engine light on and they said it is an oxygen sensor that needs to be replaced. Does that sound right and how much should it cost? Thank you.
When the air conditioner is on, hot air comes out of the air vents. If I hit the dash board with the palm of my hand, I can get it to switch back to cold. I cannot get outside air to come through the vents with out ...
My "check engine" light is on. Took it to someone who checked it for me. He said I need a sensor P1135. Replacing it is fairly simple. Where do I find the sensor and how do I install it? Is there a diagram that I can...
How much is a fair price to pay for a new clutch on my Tacoma 4x4. I need a new flywheel and the throw out bearing also.
My air conditioner is not cooling, I added 1 pound of freon and still not cooling. Blowing out hot air, what should I check for?
How do I replace my brake light bulb? When looking at the assembly, it seems the reverse light bulb will pull out easily, but how do I get the bulb out for the brake light? Or can this even be done?
how much the smog check total all together send to dmv
code 0441 appeared on my truck ,havent noticed anything unnormal other than idle drops and is unstable sometimes
i have a 2002 toyota tacoma when it is cold it will start normally but when the weather is warmer outside it will not start ,normally it will crank like its out of gas or not getting spark after about 20 seconds of cr...
2002 tacoma 5 speed. engin shuts off when i let off the gas after high rpm. some times it dosent want to come back on unless i hold the gas down. now it wont stay idle unless i press peddle. what do i do?