It happens all the time now.wonT run only 5 seconds ,code p1300.ignitor cercuit

I want to add info to (view car notes) the info will not save. why??

Could there be something else in the steering causing the problem

Just replaced the steering rack bushing do you replace the entire box or could it be something else

how long should a computer last? I have 13 year old truck with 112000 miles on it.

my tire on passenger side makes a grinding noise. I already changed wheel bearings on both side but noise continues. I was wondering if I can get any tips to help me find out where the noise is coming from. thanks a lot
Herbert Perez

When I start my truck there is a high pitched squeal, and it occurs periodically when I drive. I have changed all three belts and the radiator. Also my air conditioner keeps losing charge.

my truck shakes at speeds from55 to70.recently had all 4 rebalanced but this didn't help. But the shaking starts from the rear and goes to steering, after 70 it smooths out.

Dash indicators also freeze on solid. have replaced all rear bulbs (both sides)