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I need an exact list of parts to buy so I can get my truck back in shape. the radiator is ok. but everything in front of that needs replaced. I want to do it myself and just need to know what to buy.
my truck will not go past 45 it spits and sputers i cant build rpms backfires through the exhaust and the only code it throws up is p1135 i just fixed the o rings on the injectors one split in half and was spraying ga...
Failed for overall computer readiness... ????
I failed an emission test for an overall readiness result... ODB... it it because i disconnected the battery?
replaced fuel pump 2 weeks ago,ran great,now it has no power.Diagnostic test says misfire cylinder#1.The guy mumbled something about the EGR valve.Should I just clean it first? What would I clean it with?
Running good. Park. Started up and started misfiring. Ran scan. Got a P0304 code. Under 50,000 miles. Has original plugs, wiring, injectors. Which is the most likely to fail from one moment to another (10 minutes)?
gear or under a load then comes down alittle when its cold or in the first start its ok around 1500 but ounce it's ran alittle it races around 2000?
I took my 2001Toyota Tacoma truck in for a smog test .. I had no worries it has always passed ..after five min . The tex said my truck had failed ..I asked what Was the prob. OMG a foreign lang.was all I was hearing!...
There is no power steering, can we have it installed? If so where can we have this done and how much would it cost? Thanks!
My radio was working one day , next day dead .. In the fuse box everything is labeled but nothing for the radio ... And is there a fuse behind the radio ..?