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I was backing up and bumped the shifter with my knee knocking it out of 4wd and the light hasn't worked since and it won't engage. Sensor??? Vacumn??? Fuse??? Please help!!!! I took the front hubs off and cleaned and ...
It has 123000 miles. $800 for three items that go along with what the belt controls. Would this be a good idea?
When I start the truck and apply the brake it goes to the floor. After pumping it a couple of times the brake is has resistance but then it slowly softens again. When the engine is off, the brake pedal has resistance,...
The front end is getting tight and starting to squeak when I turn the wheel.
heat work's good in all settings as well as the a/c but when heat is on hot and you turn it to defrost it blows cold air and it cools off the whole cab. how can i get it to blow hotter air onto the window.
Toyota tacoma 1999 single cab, 4 cylinder, a mechanic looked at it and just to as alittle test we put a little 530 oil in that where the spark plug is and started acting better ... whats the best way to go about this ...
The light comes on when I start it & then goes off & on depending on which way I turn.
It is v6 3.4 with a supercharger I have put in a new mass air flow meter why do my spark plugs keep turning black
Trying to find fuel filter. . p/u stumbles at accelaretion and sometimes backfire. Why?
Manufacturer of front brakes
Thanks for your response on Dec. 14 regarding my Tacoma with poor compression. I had a follow-up question. Is it possible some grit or something got into one of the valves which is causing the poor compression? I'm...