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What diagram do I follow on tightening. In how many steps should it be done. Do you have a diagram on the procedure, Thankyou.......
Can I ask a repair question? I have a `1997 Toyota Tacoma. I changed the water pump, thermostat, & the radiator is less then 2 years old. The heat stopped working, blows cool air. I flushed the system with cleaner it ...
new water pump, flushed the lines, the radiator is only a year old. Had great heat after lines were flushed .
The code said its a vss. Everywhere I go say they don't have one. There is a spedo cable. Is that the same thing.
ive changed master cylinder brake booster front pads and rear shoes bled each wheel still have almost no brakes i dont think my truck has abs couldnt find any sensors and never had an abs light just a red brake light
just started doing after 4 hour roadtrip. Checked fluid level and color is ok. has 206000 mi.
Truck runs great for days, then engine stops like it runs out of gas, if it sits for a day it runs well again till the next episode. Please help this has been a great truck.
We have taken off the idle position sensor and put another one on it was used but the idle is really up and down is there any adjustment in this.the throttle body I know has some ware in it. Can you help me in any way...