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start you crank it. And it gets to start but won't
New clutch, pressure plate throw out bearing etc..
My 96 Toyota Tacoma got hot, then I heard a pressure relieving/hissing sound ,then it acted like the thermostat opened up and temp. went back to normal. Then as I ascended a slight grade the engine lost power and died...
Lately when I start my truck the airbag warning lignt will not go out . If I stop the engine and restart it the light goes out most of the time. Sometimes it will be on dim and kind of flicker and either go out of com...
must use tail light converter to hook up tail lights on boat trailer, these always burn out , 0ne year life span on these converters, any advise on a good long lasting solution to this annoying problem.
when at idle i hear a whining noise is sounds like its coming from my catalictic converter or however u spell it