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My 96 Tacoma has no brake lights. I have checked the fuse, replaced the brake light switch and still nothing. I get power to the pig tail for the camper shell that was once there, but that it. I need help.
Lately when I start my truck the airbag warning lignt will not go out . If I stop the engine and restart it the light goes out most of the time. Sometimes it will be on dim and kind of flicker and either go out of com...
check engine light has come on and stays on.
I have a 1996 Toyota Tacoma and the air conditioner don't work, idle or moving. I want to know, what might be wrong with it and what do I need to replace?
I can do it probably. I don't own a manual. Physically where is it ? I cant' seem to see a "known shape" that a thermostat is usually in with the radiator hose and 2 to 3 bolts. don
must use tail light converter to hook up tail lights on boat trailer, these always burn out , 0ne year life span on these converters, any advise on a good long lasting solution to this annoying problem.
Check engine light comes on temperature gauge goes to hot radiator fluid is low.There is no evidence of any leaks . I fill it back up with fluid and after a few days back to the same problem. Could this be a Thermosta...
My battery is completely dead, and I am trying to move the vehicle to another parking spot until I can afford a new battery. Even with the key turned, the brake pedal pushed down, and every possible combinationm it wi...
my 1996 tacoma uses way too much fuel , this truck is very well taken care of , best wires ,best plugs ,best oil & filters ,and 89 oct fuel. don
when at idle i hear a whining noise is sounds like its coming from my catalictic converter or however u spell it
When coming to a stop, the idle dosn't drop to normal till I tap the throttle. could the pvc valve have anything to do with it.
just wanted to know of any common problems related to code P0171
my steering is realy stiff and hard to turn ive already changed the power steering pump and rackinpinion and still having same problem can somone help me
where is the thermostat located and is it easy to replace
Where is the Blower Motor Resistor located?