I have replaced the key cylinder here's the strange part if I disconnect battery the switch works perfect What is causing the ignition switch to malfunction when i reconnect battery I'm stumped

ive changed distributer cap, plug wires, plugs, fuel injectors, fuel pump, filter, and checked compression

New battery cables. Interior light and dash lights gets dim when I press in the clutch peddle.

It is cold air..
Some times the belt gets stuck and it smells like burning rubber. Is it the clutch or the Compressor?

start you crank it. And it gets to start but won't

The compressor never cycles before burning the fuse. I installed a new compressor, dryer, etc.. Please tell me which part I need to replace to correct this problem.

New clutch, pressure plate throw out bearing etc..

It never did this until my old ladys brother fixed the steering stablizer,cause?

replaced fuses, and head lamp bulbs

This is the second ball joint failure for this truck in 3 years...I have approx. 238,000 miles on it now....Both times have happened while driving...the one tonight at highway speed....Thankfully was able to get it out of traffic...no injuries...just to the truck...Any recalls for this?

new plugs,distributar,o2 sensors,egr cleaned,mass air cleaned,