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It is cold air.. Some times the belt gets stuck and it smells like burning rubber. Is it the clutch or the Compressor?
start you crank it. And it gets to start but won't
The compressor never cycles before burning the fuse. I installed a new compressor, dryer, etc.. Please tell me which part I need to replace to correct this problem. Thanks!
New clutch, pressure plate throw out bearing etc..
It never did this until my old ladys brother fixed the steering stablizer,cause?
This is the second ball joint failure for this truck in 3 years...I have approx. 238,000 miles on it now....Both times have happened while driving...the one tonight at highway speed....Thankfully was able to get it o...
new plugs,distributar,o2 sensors,egr cleaned,mass air cleaned,
I would lik to replace the heater control valve on my 1996 toyota tacoma and am not sure where to start looking for it?
blew the fuel system out with air,got the truck to run for 3 days,put seafoam in tank now it will not stars
what could it be? theres many things ive looked up and i dont want to spend thousands on a bunch of different things if they fix the wrong thing. also, check engine light is always on. but truck seems to run great! bu...
1996 toyota tacoma, 4 wheel drive, 2.7 engine, when cold the engine starts perfect, but when you shut id down, it will start back immediately, but if you let it set for 15 or 20 minutes it want start, i put a new fuel...
the ignition switch was left on over night.next morning we charge the battery and now the truck will not start.before the key was left on the truck ran great