toyota solara 2004 on 2004 Buick Rainier

After a oil change I was told that the toyota need a right axe seal repair estimate 450.00 we already put a new cluch including a flyweel 2 month ago is it a fair estimate?

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Same place do the clutch work? Poss. seal damaged when clutch installed. Also if all it needs is a seal that is to much.
same place did cluch!2,300.oo for the cluch and flyweel I begenning to have douth about them!
Find another place to get your car fixed! First, the seal was most likely damaged when clutch was installed.
Second, a big price for this job is 150.00 IF all it needs is an axle seal. I have been doing this stuff for 38 years.
So i know just a little bit about what i am telling you. Sorry but that's just the way it is.

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is it a toyota or a buick?
toyota solara 2004
That is a FAIRLY HIGH estimate! Should be $250 TOPS at a shop that charges $120/hour and 300% parts mark-up!!!...sorry to say this but spending $2,300 should have included REBUILDING your transaxle!
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