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Evac Solenoid. I dont know the code, all I know is that the mac. said that was the problem. Can You help? Also is this something I can replace myself? The mac I bought the car from replaced the catalytic converter.
how can i fix the plastic cover on the gear shifter it moves with the gear it came out of the track it slides in
I've bougt complete headlight assemblies, but not sure how to go about installing the new ones or removing the old ones.
New battery and alternator belt replaced.
Sometimes while running the heat in my car it smells like something is burning. This doesn't happen all the time but often enough that I think something might be wrong. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
What kind of motor oil should i use for this car?
I brought the car a year ago and it started the problem as soon as the gas went low enough to the last quarter line.
Car will no longer start. Went from just a clicking noise and eventually starting...to not starting and hearing a rattling noise similar to a gun going off
Recently failed the VA emission contral test. After repairs at garage I returned for retest; however, they couldn't retest since the engine monitoring system had not yet reset. I drove over 100 miles and still it ha...
It is very intermittent, but sometimes I accelerate and the car doesn't respond -- as if it's in neutral -- and then after a second or two it kicks into gear and moves. Getting more frequent...and check engine light h...
My signal light sometimes work somtimes not. I change the flaser a new 1 but still the same so I put back the old 1 then it work but when I run less than 10 miles the turn signal light goes out. Same with the parking ...
I recently had the front struts and mounts replaced on my Solara. However on rough pavement there is still quite a bit of noise coming from the suspension. Should I have replaced any other parts or did I maybe get a b...
Headlight bulb out, How do I access it to replace it?
I was told by a mechanic here in town that it was the o2 sensor. Then another mechanic said it was the catylic converter and that there are 2 on my car and it was the one up in front the high cost one. How do I know...