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2005 Sienna XLE sliding driver's door opens with both overhead electric switch and the column electric switch but they won't close it so I have to close the door manually.
The motor and cable were replaced last year. A few months ago I started having issues with the power buttons for the door not responding. I would get a clicking noise and the door would not open. I started using the p...
both vehicle seem to have the same rack and pinnion set up. can the camry 3.0 and the sienna rack and pinnion can use the same rack and pinnion
The noise will stop after turning off heat or fan control. Some times the noise starts without the fan on. I turn it on and then off and it stops. What could this be?
Radiator replaced 2 months ago due to overheating - no prior indication and all in 1 day it happened. This week - cold outdoor temps - it was idling high 1 day, still no gauges indicating any problems, then white smo...
our sliding doors are moving very slowly. does anyone know the lubrication points and type of grease to use on the sliding doors?
sliding door seems to get hung up when trying to close at start of closure. When I manually pull handle it starts moving without getting hung up. this occurs on both sides....could it be the motor? Both sides?
Can anyone explain why my AC will only turn on when I hit the passenger dashboard? Also the AC pulses like a heartbeat..
My question is regarding my 2005 Sienna, the hatchback door will not stay open, it is very hard to open and I have to hold it open because it won't stay up. I have never had any problems with it.  Two days ago it just...
The remote for my car alarm for my toyota no longer consistently works. I have replaced the battery and that still does not address the issue. I spoke to a Toyota and they are charging ~120 dollars for a replacement o...