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I removed the Bank 1 & 2 sensor and it was black. Sensor 3 is clean. Twice over the last 6 months I have a foul order. I'm guessing the Cat may be bad, but how can I be sure?
I changed bulbs in tail lights my dash doesn't say anything is wrong.the fuses look good all other lights work fine what to do to get tail lights working again
The repair was authorized by TOYOTA in Dec 2014 or Jan2015
the digits on the clock will jump and dance around like crazy. The time is always wrong. Every now and then the radio will change stations by it self.
maby bad bearings.t belt replaced 84k mi,it has 111k now...
Is there a remedy short of replacement? Dealer says no.
m y car has 134000 mile and I was reading AAA and they rec. buying a warranty your thoughts thank yuo
What are the symptoms of a timing belt that is going?