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I was attempting to replace the fuel filter in 1998 Sienna and I bent the fuel line at the joint going into the filter. I have cut it off but my local parts store did not have a line or adaptor that is the right size...
I can no longer start my 1998 Toyota Sienna van. Sorry I disregarded the engine warning light. The car now won't start. Has only 110,000 original miles; original owner. What do you suggest.
My van failed smog twice because of this. I am also in a low-income household.
Mine is different than most. I undid some screws that face you when you open the glove box. there are no other screws - some people suggested there is one on lower right side. It seems I have tried everything bu...
The tire pressure sensor light illuminates after driving 2 minutes.
change front brakes,rear shoes,master cylinder,rear brake cylinders... it happened know more often
Replaced the ps pump and the rack and pionion. When the van is off ground, it turns w/o any problems. Once you put it back on the ground it is like there is no power steering again. No squealing when turning the whe...
The van also doesn't seem to perform as well. Is this a failed module?
How often should I replace the plugs? Should I use platinum plugs?
What is the estimate cost of replacing the accessory drive belts? How many are they?
the handle you pull to open broke and part of the plastic housing behind the handle.
I bought a 1998 toyota sienna in 2010 Feb. It now has 199,500 miles. There are several problems, first the engine won't start all the way. When you think its turned on and let go of the key it shuts off immediately. W...
Why the miniban is so slow, looks realy heavy
The belts are squeaky in the morning when the van is cold, What could it be? Do I need to replace drive belts?