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The fuse that controls my rear lights keep blowing it stormed here and that's when this started.So far I've only replaced the fuse and after driving a shirt distance it blew also please help???
Its having a hard time shifting, like its staying in the same gear then jerks when it shifts into a higher gear. And that's barely taking off from a stop (not taking off fast). I checked the Tranny fluid's its normal,...
It seemed to be dragging when I accelerated above 35 miles per hour. The check engine light came on and now I am told to replace the transmission assembly.
Rear window goes down on it's own (never up) and door locks on all doors trigger randomly. Not the key fob, as I took the truck a couple miles away from the fob & it still happened. Window toggle inside the truck work...
My husband thinks the condenser clutch is not working
have replaced both tps and accelerator sensors on throttle body, am getting signals to ecm, replaced ecm same code. What is circuit "A" and what am I missing?
My 2001 Sequoia died and then after trying to restart it the check engine light came on.
on my 2001 toyota sequoia when at idle the volt meter drops to about 15, but when rpms increase it goes back to almost 18, if u turn off engine and if lights are left on( or radio for that matter) ignition in acc posi...
if it is a bulb what is the difficulty in replacing that one bulb
t he rear tailgate window will only work very occasionally do i need a new motor or is there some else i could try first. Second question same vehicle all the indicator lights work on gear shift except for the ;light...
Do i replace the motor or is there some thing i could check first? also can u give me details on how to test the motor or what every part that needs to be tested, remember i an only shade tree mechanic so please give ...
The battery is fully charged... stranded need to start vehicle to get fixed.. need temp fix to start it is an automatic.. turns over but clicks and will not start
I tried to plug my tester in but could not locate the connector receptacle anyplace under the dash on the driver's side (or passenger side). I looked behind the ash tray too as suggested by the tester manufacturer.
Mechanic says source of the leak is the fittings attaching the transmission fluid tubes to the radiator and says the radiator has to be replaced. Why can't thye just repair the fittings?