Toyota recall for lower ball joint issue on Toyota Sequoia

Toyota issued a recall on the lower ball joint due to the possibility of premature wear from improper finishing in production. The ball joints will be replaced under the recall.

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Average mileage: 225,650 (11,000–1,800,293)
7 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, more2005, 2006, 2007
41 people reported this problem
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2005 Toyota Sequoia 72,000 mi,
When going over speed bumps/pot holes we hear a lot of rattling in left front suspension. I entered my VIN # on the toyota website and surprisingly it said "no recalls" for my model.. hmm.... I think I'll call a stealership tomorrow.
The left front tire completely fell off the axle and brake lines were damaged. The front tire was ruined this happened October 2014. Then today the same thing happened again.
2007 Toyota Sequoia 115,000 mi,
Sudden failure of ball joint at 40 mph resulting in loss of control of vehicle, fortunately landed safely in ditch on roadside. Currently being repaired at Toyota dealership.
replaced ball joint
2004 Toyota Sequoia 138,000 mi,
This week I noticed a squeaking and grinding sound when i turned left even slightly.
Truck will make a popping noise when going in reverse. Truck will make a grinding sound when making a hard left.
2001 Toyota Sequoia 219,695 mi,
I noticed the wheel pulling badly this morning. Made a slow turn after a stop sign and it snapped. Its at the dealership awaiting estimate. Was looking it up and found tis
2001 Toyota Sequoia 180,000 mi,
Clunks over bumps feels very loose. How big of a problem is this. Do they make an offroad heavy duty replacement. I don't see any recall as of now.
2004 Toyota Sequoia 195,000 mi,
Ball joint issues
2004 Toyota Sequoia 182,000 mi,
So I survived. That's the lucky part. Driving 32MPH on a somewhat bumpy road, rear left ball joint gave out, my car crossed the lane, took out 2 mailboxes and clipped a telephone pole before a 180 degree spin. Anyone know a good attorney to sue these dirtbags....
2002 Toyota Sequoia 227,287 mi,
Extremely hard to turn while driving and sitting still
2007 Toyota Sequoia 120,000 mi,
Ball joint broke. Front passenger side.
My front left suspension rattles, not fixed yet
2007 Toyota Sequoia 190,000 mi,
went over a speed bump in a grocery parking lot. was barely a crawl when my family and I heard a loud crunching sound. stepped out of the car and saw that the tire was totally dislocated from the ball joint on the left drivers side. waiting now for the results from Toyota dealership.
2004 Toyota Sequoia 142,000 mi,
While pulling over at less than 5 mph the right front wheel dropped the vehicle to the floor.
2006 Toyota Sequoia 250,000 mi,
Lower ball joint broke when traveling down the road and tire broke off
2001 Toyota Sequoia 134,500 mi,
i went to the tire place to get new tires and they told and showed me that my ball joints needs to be changed
2001 Toyota Sequoia 124,260 mi,
While driving approximately 30mph and while crossing a railroad track, the front right side of the vehicle suddenly collapsed. The front tire had collapsed inward. Tow driver said he never seen anything like this, advising tire support system failed. My mechanic advised both ball joints had pulled apart and snapped abs wire in the process.