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I have 100,000 miles on my car and i would like to know what needs maintaining. Thank you.
I was told by my dealership that I needed to replace the back-up switch assembly on my 2004 (manual) RAV4. I have the part (it looks like a spark plug) and appears easy enough to install, but I have no idea where it ...
Have been hearing rear end "whining" sound for about 3 weeks, took in for front rotors, mechanic commented on the noise without me telling him. I had a bad feeling about the rear end possibly going out...now concerned...
My toyota 04 Rav4 is 90,000 miles out and due for a new timing belt. Was curious as to what the cost might be.
Ran fine shut off now want start.will start with either runs just a second
how much does it take in labor hours to change this engine with a used engine from a salvage yard?
Is it standard procedure to do a power flush when changing transmision fluid?
I noticed over the past week or so that while running the air seems to be colder than normal and even with the AC off, it seemed to be putting out AC air. This morning the fan did not run. I discovered the coolant was...
The dealer said it only has a running belt and it looks like new to me. I don't want to replace it if not necessary.
I hit a curb now front end shakes and pulls what can be wrong
Is there a way to fix a leaky sunroof? The water is somehow going thru to the frame and into the front floorboard on both sides. The local Toyota dealership wants to replace the entire sunroof, at a cost of about 700.00.
While my car was in for its 60,000 mile service, they found a leak in the water pump and recommended replacing it.
Is it really necessary to have the 30,000 mile blue special done to my car. I have regular oil changes done and have not had a problem. My local Toyota retailer says I need to have this done and it will cost $500.