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What is the engine firing order
I live in a rather remote area of Costa Rica. The mechanics are hit or miss. This problem happened rather suddenly. The reverse was a bit difficult at times for the past 6-10 months on occasion. I'd never had a pro...
There is a knock that can be felt under the passenger floor, also through the shifter. This happens more frequent as time goes on but it happens during acceleration, bumps, and when I turn left. Help?
Whenever I get to 140km/h ABS light comes on. also it feels so hard to brake. Also most times When I try to brake, it feels as if the brake rejects you by pushing your foot away independent of the speed.
Within the past three weeks, I have paid $1500 to get an Oxygen sensor replace, EGR valve, EGR modulator, and VSV replaced on my 1997 RAV4 for a check engine light problem. However, after getting all of these repairs,...
AC compressor just blew the other day after showing high pressure in the line. Had begin to experience car shutting off at lights right before it happened. Car will restart only if it is allowed to be off for a while....
The bower fan may come on once a day. Very scratchy sound when it does come on. If blower fan is the problem, where is it located?
the intake air temperature is on from the check engine light toghether with the egr valve code