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The car drags whenever I releases the accelerator to slow down without stepping on the brakes. It's like making an engine brake when it is supposed to slow down smoothly without stepping on the brakes.
started hearing lots of noise rattling while driving under hood sound like metal hitting metal lots of rattle noise than when home notice leak under engine not under radiator smells like coolant radiator was full no...
Need struts again are these struts lifetime warranty at any midas? Found receipt and my wife paid $900 to have both struts replaced back than.Seems she was robbed does any know if midas has a lifetime warranty in thei...
every time i line it up and try to start it the belt will always skip a tooth or be to lose where are the marks for the timing belt located at how do i aline them ?????
whats the unit called you put your key in to start your car
first time this has happened. In park, foot on brake and wiggling the steering wheele
Every time I press on the brake, the parking lights come on. Also, my cruise control doesn't work anymore - I hear a ticking in the glove box - fuse maybe?
I have changed the nussels, censor and plugs and still have the same occurence.
MyCar's ABS Sensor is faulty and I would like to replace it without any further problem.
My check engine light came on, but before then the car was losing power and kind of shaking when I changed gears or accelerated. Took it to the repair shop, they scanned the code, it was a misfire code p0302, but bef...
The engine has been running rough. 95,000 miles, never changed
Hose keeps blowing off the bottom of the egr valve. It first started when the port of vaccum got hot and melted so I replaced it then I replaced the vaccum modulator because the hose kept blowing off it. Now the hose ...
when turning on a lock the shafts in back axle are knocking.Its like its going in and out of the gear. someone told me i needed bushes in the shafts but i dont know.
start i dont even smell gas when i try to push the gas peddle.