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It appears that I need a heater core replacement. The description of the symptoms are spot on for my car. Toyota has quoted me about $2,000. My car is 19 year old, but I can't afford to replace it, yet. Any usef...
Tail light fuse blows when I turn on headlights, no running tail lights.
The ac is a little cool after two small cans recharge when I start engine push button engine revs high then low high then low, do i need mor of that r24 what to do or check? I
Problem is permeant it doesn't matter if you rev it or idle it won't go above 4,000rpm but it won't run any longer than 20-30 sec ... New fresh fuel added spark plugs added .. ... Spark present ... Again ideas guys ?
has occurred 3 times in 1 month. RAV4 with 73,000 mi. garaged dealership service dept. unable to diagnose
Does the 96 toyota rav 4 have a timing belt or chain
car felt like it ran out of gas..gas is 3/4 full. car wont start again..cranks..not battery..am told fuel pumpreplacement will cost me $1,000 because it is so difficult to replace..any suggestions
After 2 days the lights went off on their own.Since then car been fine apart from on odd occasion when going up or downhill a grey smoke comes from the exhaust.Then clears after a few seconds , no loss of power.....an...
If I am pressing on my brake pedal slowly , it will go to the floor, but if I hit the pedal hard , the pedal will stay up, or full pedal. I have bled the line's when I changed the brake pad's , that is when this probl...
It sounds dry but i checked all the fluids and there all full i do have a oil leak but somehow the dipstick is saying its full? I'm thinking there could be a blockage somewhere? But hey im not a mechanic =(