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I have replace them and they keep blowing out what wood the problem be
Problem occurs in reverse also, doesn't seem to be engaging the gearbox well. Feels like its slipping. car has not been serviced for a long time though.. does the gear box need a complete overall or is it another pro...
When accelerating through any gear the motor completely shuts down for a split second without warning then runs fine again. It is so quick that all you feel is a extreme thump. Please help,
rpm. have replaced o2 sensor,map sensor and air temp sensor(which is still reading -48 deg). any suggestions?
Can I replace just the steering wheel or do I have to replace the whole steering column? Thanks for your response!
Airbag in steering wheel has deployed and 'seatbelt' and 'check engine' lights are on. do i change steering wheel only or the whole column?
how do you get the rear drums off? I have removed the tire and dust cap and backed off the star wheel, not sure if I need to remove center nut and bearing or if it's just rusted on there good.
I ordered the replacement handles, but I don't know how to install them.