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I just purchased car the previous owner had just replaced the head due to blown head gasket, had the car less than a week, now it has a knocking noise sound coming from under neath valve cover area, I removed the valv...
fuel pump relay located on a 1991 toyota paseo?
The passenger side (front),the botton of tire base is turnd inward
What do I check for when engine cooling fan stops working?
Could it be speed sensors? If so, where are they located If speedometer isnt working.This is on a 1992 Toyota paseo,Automatic.
200,000 miles on 1992 toyota paseo,what is recommended fluid for transaxle
this happens while driving at freeway speeds, also while driving 25 ~ 60mph
I drive a few city streets and then jump onto the highway when going to work every morning. When I finally hit the highway, it will switch from the highest gear to the next lowest gear, making my engine rev higher th...
recently replaced 02 sensor and idle air control valve also did tuneup before this now car idles at 800-1000 rpms but it is rough whats wrong?
i need to know how to get the top end alignment diagram for a 92 paseo 4 cylinder that i think skipped time
The motor in the heater still blows but the air does not get warm. What could be causing this problem and how can I fix it
I put the car in reverse, backed out of my driveway, put the car in 1st, drove down the road, shifted into second, then came to a stop sign. When I tried to shift back into first, the transmission was stuck in second...