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the pump comes on an off while idling an when driving will shift fine but occasionally the trans light will come on. the only time you can get in reverse is when the pump will make screeching noise,
I was braking moderately heavily into my driveway as usual but this time my car came to an immediate halt just as I was abt to change down to 2nd & the engine cut out simultaneously, like it wld in an accident. I hv f...
The car starts and runs, but will not go into gear. It runs for about 10 seconds and dies before flashing several lights, including the N – neutral light and the Gear light. The HPU runs for about 17 seconds upon ope...
what size of person can fit in one of these spyders? only small thin people? any comments on the seat size comfort?
My mr2 2003 spyder's gauge was blinking the whole time I was driving. I put on brake fluid already but the blinking light won't turn off. What must be the problem?
My car has a 5 speed manual transmission. Where and how can the clutch and transmission fluids be checked and can the fluid(s) be replaced? Where would the drain and filler holes be located for each?
Car is a 5 speed manual with only 20,000 miles on it. Jerky shift is only between 2nd and 3rd. I don't have this problem with other gears and the shifting from 2nd to 3rd is definitely better at low speeds and RPMs (i...
i was having trouble with the transmission.they said my computer was going bad. is that a common thing? it is being replaced as we speak.how often does that happen? it is very expensive.
how much will it cost to replace my lost cost?
Having trouble removing batter, don't have manual and I'm not sure what nut to loosen to remove the positive and negative wires. Please advise thanks