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Car strat's up but after a few swconds, it stalls. i've put it on tester but nothing was found.
cess. How do I connect or reset GPS. All I have is a black screen with the text 'need to connect to external carrier....
g fine but GPS system needs to be reconnected to external carrier? Any help is greatly appreciated.
How do I reset the alarm panic and does this prevent the car from starting
my 2007 petrol landcruiser wont rev past 3500 rpm and pulsing around that 3500 rpm mark
i cant get the cover of on my rear high mount brake light on my 2000 landcruiser personal carrier as i need to replace the globe
Hi I have Landcruiser GXR limited 2007, I recently decide to upgrade the manufactarure keyless to alarm , so I ordered a full alarm system that came with remote start and auto window rollup. I have installed teh alra...