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this only happens in morning have been told vehicle is losing vacuum but noone seems to know how to fix problem
This first happened when engine breaking but now has occurred a couple of other times. power take-up is not as smooth as it was previously
i have changed the plugs and the fuel filter and also the air flow element but the car is still heavey in its drive as it feels it is dragging itself could tell me what should i do so the car boosts up and runs in a f...
My dealer says the bushings on my power steering rack are causing a screeching noise and slight vibrations under the floor board of the front passenger seat,this may be covered under waranty but my LC has 125,000 mile...
Do i really need to replace the brake fluid at 51,000 miles on my 2003 LC?
Worked fine last summer, had a few warm days last week and just seems to blow recycley air....no cold air thanks Pat