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Parklights go out blinkers work but brake light stays on
Truck has 166k miles with original water pump. It is not leaking yet, but how long do they last and should I think about having i replaced soon?
How long does it take to replace a burned out "D" indicator bulb in the dashboard. Once in there, wouldn't it be wise to replace all the gear indicator bulbs.
Is it necessary to remove the intake plenum in order to replace the valve cover gasket. 4.5 L straight 6 engine
how much oil is there in the gear box of a Toyota colorado land cruiser 3000cc VS 1996 model
Brakes go all the way down after replacing pads
All dashboard lights blink together when I hit a pot hole or accelerate what would be the cause
I have checked all the loose wires thought would be the cause but no avail also changed the timing belts plus all the engine belts but still not please infom me what would be the cause
I recently had my power steering pump replaced, however, my truck is still leaking power steering fluid. Why?
is something i can do or do i need to take to a shop?