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at first it was occasionally it's a lot more often now
Is anyone know why both the ABS & Break Lights are ON-n-OFF at the same time while driving? Sometime these lights were OFF by themselves after I have drive for few miles, sometime these lights are ON while I'm driving...
They have diagnosed the now sensor as faulty on my Toyota Highlander 2001
I mean that when am driving my suv goes off, and restart while on motion, or when I on my head lamps its act like d suv restart again, the engines goes off and restart. I almost lost control of the vehicle when it hap...
as expected, at start up to 10 mph hard to turn, otherwise not difficult to steer; I have heard it might lock up
the lights have been on for quite some time
My car has always idled at around 1000 rpm, but recently it started making a strange noise while idle and while driving between 1000 and abour 2500 rpm. It stops when I go faster, btu when driving low speeds it sounds...
Heater and AC no longer work - was sporadic but able to fix sometimes (not always) by twisting knob for temperature and getting it in the "right" place. Then left it exactly there and only used on/off. But now nothin...
only does it when I cut the heat or ac on,just makes a high pitch sound,could it be the fan
My car shows codes P420 and P1150 after having P1135 A/F sensor Bank 1 Sensor 1 replaced. Now dealer is saying I need to replaceexhaust pipe to repair leak. Est. of repairs is 1300. Any one know about this stuff?
using a quart every 300 miles. none on the pavement. slight smoking from tailpipe