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checked fuse, swapped relay, installed new pump. turn the key and no power to the pump.
Well my problem its that i like to run, and a notice that the car once reach 90 mph doesn't throw the last shift its a automatic transmission, vvti motor.
I was told years ago it was going so I know that's the problem--plus had a mechanic listen to the noise.
nothing electrical just a key
This Ethenol Blend fuel has just been introduced in our country Zimbabwe
a rattle in top left moter.just a littler to start with now most of the time sounds like a pulley lose we have no code for this
The problem started after I had disconnected the battery and then reconnected the battery, no check light
i changed the spark plugs (original)120k changed MAF sensor i got a too rich code and low fuel code if i drive up a hill it will downshift and engine purrs, but regular driving i get whiplash (like learning to drive ...
AIR INJECTION - filed diagnostic test said, mass air flow circut+ air temp.sensor circut
I have removed rim & can not get drum to come off.
i looked under dash but dont see the fuse box and i dont have the manual anymore
On this website's estimator there are two services listed: coolant replacement/flush and coolant replacement. What is the difference, and does one need to do a flush? Thank you-
Have not had transmission fluid changed since buying the car. The car now has 90,000 miles on it. Mechanic says the oil is brown (somewhat dirty) but not black. I've heard that a flush could be dangerous to the tr...
Just had my rear main seal replaced because of an oil leak. Should my mechanic have changed the oil while doing this job?