Toyota Corolla will not start on 1990 Toyota Corolla

This is a 1.6 hatchback Toyota corolla 1.6 liter engine Has a normally aspirated engine, with electronic ignition.Car was in perfect running order a month ago when the battery was stolen after which the car was not driven .Last Monday a a new battery was fitted but the car will not start . The battery cranks the engine All the fuses are in fine The fuel pumps pumps fuel . The plug wire shows a spark when earthed to the body of the car and the engine is cranked . When the battery was stolen the nuts on the terminal were loosened no wires were cut The distributer is turning Could the spark be weak and if so what is the cause.

by in Aliquippa, PA on October 09, 2010
1 answer
ANSWER by on October 12, 2010
The engine may be flooded - try holding the throttle to the floor while cranking for 30 to 60 seconds. Greg
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