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the car shifts gear 1 to 3 perfectly as normal but it won't shift to 4
Odometer shows 40K miles, replaced all four bearings. Car has also been trailered about 30K miles (enclosed, off the ground, strapped down). I also think the bearings might have been bad when new - noise was explaine...
when i turn the ignition nd crank my car i have all the brake lights on my instrument panel, when i brake suddenly it feels like my rear brakes only work cause iv spun out before :0 in front of a cop at a red light. i...
I had a knocking noise at startup in my car. One day it happened for a little while so i looked under the hood and saw that a pulley on the drive belt was loose and rattling. I forgot which one later on, and when look...
my dealer want 800 to swapp the Charcoal Canister on my 2009 Corolla CE. Check Engine light was coming on solid consistently for a week or 10 days, now it is staying off. They also dinged me 100 to tell me the error.
plz send it with full detail . codes with their problem. thanks & Regards.
what should i do all the trouble codes removed also. but the problem still exist. can we accelerate the rpm through obd2 scanner.
i got check engine light on.. whe i took it to fix it they tell me this problem,, how much it cost pump alone??
At first I was not able to turn the knob to adjust the speed or turn it off. After I turned the car off, was able to turn the knob. But no air is blowing out.
Can low tire pressure light coming on cause the VSC light to come on and flash for three days before it resets it self? Even if you take care of the tire pressure problem immediately? While the light flashes the syste...
i have a 2009 corolla and the ac keeps blownig gold air after hot air then gold air again and then hot air again what could be the problem i change the dryer the expansion valve but nothing