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New 2008 Corolla S has always had brake growl upon first few brake applications. Had rotors turned by dealer, and they say it is OK. It pops when applying brakes in a turn at slow speeds. The car now has 22,000 mile...
I am doing a brake job and the rear brake drums are stuck fast to the hub. How ccan they be taken off I have tried jarring them with a hammer but nothing lossens up.
Three weeks ago. I went to Midas for maintenance only and they took out the AC filter and show me it was dirty. It wasn't that dirty. They charge me $53 dollars for a new one.
I hear rattling when I step on the accelorator after being at a complete stop.
how often should the throttle body be cleaned?
What do I need to do to improve the idling ? It doesn't idle as smooth as it should.
I'm trying to replace the cruise control switch, and I can only gently pull the airbag out a little. I'm afraid of it going off and breaking my neck! So can it go off without being connected to the battery? Thx, diana
how many miles does the car need to have in order to change the spark plugs
My 2008 Toyota Carolla just went over 50,000. What is the required maintainance for this vehicle?
If I take my car for service maintenance to someone other than a Toyota dealer, does this affect the manufacturer's warranty?
How often should the oil be changed on a 2008 Toyota Corolla and does it require synthetic oil?
I need to know what extras I should pay out of pocket for a free tire guarantee from the dealer..? (aligment, etc..)
I hear a clunking sound on the first brake application. If I put car in reverse, I hear a clunk on first brake application. If I put car in drive, I hear a clunk on first break application. Only the first time I appl...
checked fuses, under hood & under dash, cigarette liter would not work, fuses ok, now car will not start. when key turn to start all dash lites & bells come on.