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this car will not accelerate at all some time when i have driven it for about two or more hours but after cold for some time it will start working fine again, please friend help me out, tell me on how to fix it and w...
before i had a RPM less than 3000 RPM when i drive on 75 mile per hour but now i have 3800 RPM for same speed , and i have vibration in the motor when the car is stop , what should i do ?
after the engine runs for 10 minutes the jerking stops, i was told it was the air flow sensor. what do i do? i have noticed it for a while now.
this morning the car was not starting at all.what do i need to do as it shows on the dashboard low oil pressure.thank you
the rpm runs way high even when is no running is on 10 o more
I have been told by some people yes and by some no and therefor I am confused as I want to do it myself
or transmission problem is Toyota recognizing this on going probem
i have a 2008 toyota corolla s with an automatic trans. lately when im driving the car feels like it completely looses power and then opens the throttle really slowly. and at stops it idles pretty rough and over 1 tho...
I hear some minor grinding each time brake is used. trying to save money so i wondered if i could get the rotors resurfaced and if so what would be the cost?
When the check engine light was checked a code number P2610 pops up. what should I do. My mechanic is yet to identify the fault and fix the car
I have a slight vibration when my my is idling. I was told that my throttle need cleaning that it was getting stuck. can you help me, by giving me some advice?
Only one wind shield wiper works. The broken one moves about one inch then stops.
My '08 Corolla S (22,000 mi) makes thunking noises going over joints in the roadway. I was checking for loose nuts, and found that both front struts have a gap between the top nut and the strut piston. When I tried ...