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The steering wheel vibrates at low and high speeds when the brake is applied. Is this an alignment issue or a brake issue?
I wanted to know if I fine the carpet wet from inside my car and it has it rain at all what should I do to see where do the water comes in. Also since that problem with the water the back door on my right does't work ...
change everything plugs air fliter oil change front and back o2 sencers drove from god nos were its sayin on my freind machice it passes but engine light still on and i no i got to get it inspected their not gonna pas...
i did every thing to this car changed plugs air fliter changed 02 censers not one but two runnin out of money i am a widow with kids
chck eng in the dash bord
brakes squeek
My car started making a scraping noise 4 days ago, when i'd press the brake, and only on the left front drivers side. I thought perhaps i had a rock or something stuck in there since i'd had no prior problems. I too...
how much and what is involved in replacing shattered driver door window?
How do i know whether I have a sealed wheel bearing or one that needs repacking? and how often do one replace/repack the front & rear wheel bearing? Thanks, alvin
my 2005 corolla blew a head gasget and water went into the engine, i know this cause the water fom the radiator runs out quick and theres water when i pull out my spark plugs. does anyone know what tools i'll need to ...
The a/c compressor on my toyota does not start. I was told that the reasson might be loss of refrigerant gas. What can I do to make that compressor work?
Does the maintance light come on when the oil needs to be changed?
I haven't serviced the car (didn't do a 60K mile checkup) in awhile, but the oil is changed every 4K miles. I know I need a state inspection, oil/filter change, possibly brakes. Do I need to have any hoses/belts repla...
At what km should i change my timing chain?
I have Toyota Corolla XLi with 1.3 engine that is 5 years old and has done 100,000 km. What type of service do i need. What are the major parts to be changed