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What is the 90,000 mile maintenance protocol?
My used 2005 Toyota Corolla came with mutagi racing wheels 18". I hate the ride and want to go back with OEM wheels. I found some on Craigslist and want to buy but dont know it they will fit. Thanks
I had some new tires put on today and asked them to check the brakes. They said the break pads were fine but that the front rotors were rusted. They said about $300 to fix the front rotors and put on new pads. Is this...
(sorry for the long post, but I am trying to be thorough with my description) This is my wife's car, so I normally don't drive it much. Car has 110000 miles on it. Does not have ABS. Original symptom reported by...
I checked the OBD2 codes and it had none.I sprayed throttle body cleaner in the throttle body and it ran for a minute and cut back off.So its not getting fuel,Please help.
Two different Toyota's dealership told me different things about transmission fluid. The first one said I need to change it eveery 60k km, while the second one said that according to manufacturer instructins I should ...
I went to start the car one morning and it started to start then it souned like the power to the car just shut down
I have 2 new tires, new rotors and a front end aligment. Could it be that it needs a new tie rod. Most vibration on the front wheel driver side.
what should i expect to pay for replacing a wheel bearing in this car/ parts+labor at a dealership
clutch is slipping badly
Can a P0420 Error Code show up when a ECM is defective? What the code points toward is the Catalytic Convertor being bad? Can the Cat actually be good, it's just the ECM defective, and throwing the code in error?
I hear a metal on metal grinding noise when making sharp right or left hand turns going less than 10 mph.