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On the passenger side where the pillar & headliner meet when there is a heavy rain it leaks heavy inside my car. It's only a certain golf ball size area that gets wet, all other areas around it is dry. If I'm driving ...
swapped out relay already, worked for a week only. 45,000 orig. miles. Purchased new. first problem ever. clutch was intermittent
fast what do i do to rectify the situation and what might have been the problem
I have a 2004 Corolla, had engine check light come on, Dealer says I need Center pipe, Gaskets and drive belt replaced? How much should it cost? Can I drive the car till I get it repaired?
Everytime its on park and neutral
Also, while driving I feel as if the gears are slipping and the engine light remains on. What is causing this problem and can you show me a diagram of where is the shift solenoid B is located.
My 04 corolla S does not lock or open the door lock when moving from/to PARK. The manual and remote works just fine. It is only with the automatic transmission that when I move to park, it does not release lock and d...
I used to change my engine oil every 3000 miles. My mechanic told me to do fuel injector service, radiator service and power steering fluid flush. are they necessary to do immediately? Can you follow this in steps e...
it started after i temporarily turned off the engine to call in at a friends place. On turning the engine on gain, I discovered my odometer did not come on; tried turning on the AC and found all the controls for AC no...
The dealer says that the transmission speed input sensor needs replacing and recommends transmission service (replace fluids). Car has 47k miles.