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I guess like the cost of the entire muffler piping and muffler but not the converter.
I changes the oil, filter, and oil pressure switch and still no luck.I notice that when ever I give the engine gas it chips out tho but when I leave it to idle an its own it comes back.I'm not sure what else to do I n...
Like i was saying i tested my connecters from the fuel pump and it was not powering. I checke the fuel pump and injectors they are good. I tested the wirring harnest to the pump and didn get power supply. I change my ...
I had code 440, 441, 446. I got replaced the evap canister. Then code 446 came back. Fixed it 2 weeks came back again and had to get new battery.
Head lights off. Keyes out of ignition. (Switch on master brake cylinder?)continuous problem
Pulled radiator, and thermostat. A lot of oil came out from thermostat. Again no coolant in oil. Any ideas?
If IT One OR More Problem As The Recall