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the factory fuel pump costs 1,000 dollars some are listing smaller fuel pumps from 75-100 dollars can these small pumps replace the larger ones?
Goes slow when accelerating when you read the motor up it sounds like a little typewriters
Its a Toyota Opa, had the sample damaged and changed but still the oil light is on.
Sometimes low doesn't work and then again when I'm driving or just start the engine ac will come on but not in the higher switches. It's very cold air tho.
it is so loud that I can not hear anything but that noise
The problem is ongoing for over a month. Brake light is on and off.
Recently, i bought windshield washer reservoir from carparts.com. I would like to replace it on my own. When i ask google, it says i need to remove the right tire to install new one. I don't know, is that right proces...
My Car a Toyita Allex 2001 model is showing check engine light, and whenever that happenns gear 3 does not shift to gear 4,. I have replaced the ECU and the gearbox valve body and nothing is happenning. Please help so...