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if i shut down the engine and start it again the cycle will be repeated.
Could it be a fuse? Or something wrong with the wire?
Catalytic converter replaced in Jan. 2011. Both, all, two? O2 sensors replaced in Mar. & May of 2011. Problem with check engine light coming on again in Sept. 2011. Replaced with new catalytic converter under warran...
I have a 1998 toyota corolla with the check engine light on. The error code is P0440. (Evaporative system malfunction) Is it safe to drive like this.?
The right wheel is noisy - sounds like a bag of bolts
only seems to be in the higher gears.sounds external but cant find anything
changed three fan relays. checked fans running indepedent 12 volt lines.turned on a/c still nothing. is there a switch i should be checking?
engine idling high
The engine light would come on and off sometimes, I was told by the guy at Autozone when he used that code check that's it's the charcoal canister. How do you replace it?