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I change my brake light switch I have a headlight out I fix it and still my brake lights wont work when my head lights are on on my head lights are off my brake lights work fine
have replaced the distributor, igniter,& crankshaft position sensor. The coil will fire once when you release the key after turning the engine over.
I have failed the California emissions test , then did a complete tune up , took it back for retest , and car reads catalyst not ready , drove it around for a while still same, 7 months has passed and its still readin...
have a 1996 corolla that is wrecked but the 1.8l motor and auto tranny are good. is it possible to pull the 1.6l motor and auto tranny out and slide the 1.8l motor and auto tranny in and expect to roll or will there ...
White smoke coming out tailpipe was wet to touch ,it wasa chilly night an it had rained before this occurred,,,is this normal??? Thanx
car was running one day next no fire to plugs
i have a Toyota Corolla 1996 without ABS. i changed everything from the break lines,master cylinder,booster,p.vales and brake pads. But I'm still not getting any brakes. what should i do next ?
use I have to pull the fuse or disconnect the battery
It makes a sound when I turn wheel to the right. A tire man said I need a fan belt. Can I drive it for a few weeks?
Failed inspection. Code was P0125. Replaced thermostat but not coolant temperature sensor. Mechanic the cleared the check engine light but it came back on in less than 10 minutes driving. Later discovered first o2 se...
car has 222,000 miles on it now all injectors were replaced about 11 years ago car had about 108,000 miles on it at the time had fuel injection system cleaned approx 2 years ago car run great but misfires occasionally...
need to replace the expansion valve
engin light now flashing car rides ok until pick up speed then act like it is going to cut off the rides smooth again. sounds like it is puttin