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SW engine 4af front wheel drive. Alternater bad. Caught fire. Need wiring harness. Its a metal 3 prong. Need to know where to get one. Thanks
Alternator was bad. Wiring harness burnt. Need to find one and instructions on how to replace.
It was cold and frosty this morning, so I started the car, and it ran for about 2 minutes, then suddenly shut itself off. What would cause the car to do that? This never happened before to my Totota Corolla.
Whilst driving it stopped selecting gears...... I can start the cAr 1st 2nd 3rd 4th and reverse without pressing the clutCh it doesn't move an inch or make a noise I took the gearbox out and check clutch and pressur...
My temp gauge stays at the cool bottom position when driving but if I idle it goes to the middle normal range. My heater works fine when idling but blows Luke warm air when driving, are these things related and what c...