the car was recently painted and they took the rubber around the headlights out. I am having a hard time replacing it. Is there a trick? they are left/right so is that from the driver or looking at the car

The problem almost seems like it is not getting fuel but i also heard there is a relay or something that could be causing problem

when car is started it makes a loud knocking sound, one guy said rod bearings need to be replaced.

I plugged in an air compressor into my cigarette lighter socket and it stopped working after one minute. Now it seems that the entire socket is not working. The light does not go on when I plug in my GPS or my cell phone charger. What caused this to happen? Is it a fuse?

Does anyone know the specs for the 1999 Toyota celica convertible Premium 3-In-1 ETR/Cassette/CD With 8 Speakers, Programmable Equalizer and Power FM Diversity System. I am looking to replace the front door woofers & possibly the radio, but not even Crutchfield had information.

what is the approximate cost to repair ball joints