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The gas engine on my 2009 hybrid with 105K miles starts any time I put more than very light pressure on the gas pedal, even when I am driving at 30 mph or less. It also starts the gas engine when driving up very slig...
What can be wrong ? I live in Mesa Az and it gets really hot so I use my air conditioner a lot. No warning lights are on my display panel.
Could not move car. Might be related to auto setting on headlight switch. Has not repeated yet(about a week ago). Several days later, would not turn off. After playing with it for several minutes, it turned off.
The car error showen when I drive long distance with cruising speed more than 80 kmh some times at long distance and sometime short it seems like a loose somewhere
Started one morning on the freeway with no evident cause or trigger. The turbulence only occurs while accelerating when the gas-fueled part of the engine is running. Noticed when I got home that there was a wind-strew...
Where it is located and how to change cabin air filter.
What does the check engine light mean?
I purchased a used 09 CH. The keyless remote is supposed to work on "touch" but when I touch the lock button on ext door I get a 10 sec alert. I can lock the door by depressing the lock button on keyless remote. Al...
Our Camery maintenance schedule calls for changing brake fluid, 4 wheel alignment, and some sort of fuel system treatment at 15,000 miles. Seems like overkill at this mileage?