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Bought 2012 Toyota Camery it had 67,001mi, title said 92,400mi. Two wks later had inspected said 71,000mi but didn't go anywhere - 4,000mi in 2 wks? Only to work and home (30mi RT). Had oil changed, took it back in a ...
**This is a 2012 4cylinder automatic car with 59,500 miles** At the 20mph mark my car hesitates briefly to move forward. I thought it might be my air filter but I installed a new one and it still hesitates. I’ve notic...
anytime my car goes over an uneven surface and the body tweeks, it makes a clunck. I aws told by the dealer that the noise is coming from the sunroof. Is there a factory service bulletine on this problem?
if I uses the manual shifter, what is the corrective action
How do I know which tire is which. They are in a straight line across the screen.
When putting the window up it keeps coming half way down and will not stop correctly at the top.
The app is really helpfully and I was wondering if there is any app like this one for motorcycles