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No one has figured it out. There is nothing wrong with the AC. Toyota ran it all night long and it never shut ff. we just realized it had to do with the car being in the heat before we get in it. Don't know why. Need ...
The rattling is at a cold start and sometimes will.last for awhile. The engine stop has just started when at a stop
The engine will rattle at cold start and sometimes last awhile the call will shut off when at a stop. What could cause these issue's. The shut off started a few days ago and does often
The driver side automatic window stopped working. Toyota people say the bracket is broket. Is it an expensive part and repair? Is there a cheaper solution?
Its weird sound like if it squeaks when I go over a speed bump but only on my back passenger right side
A year ago my car started to smell moldy when turning the ac on. The smell would go away and not come back for a couple of days. Now its every day whether i turn the ac or not the smell comes through the vent. I know ...
Should I go to the dealer or to a private repair shop? One side has very cold air and the driver side nothing.
book says its good for 100k miles, it now has 34k on vehicle and haven't changed yet. should it be replaced or can it go the distance without having any problems if I wait till 100k to replace it? Dealer wants $240 to...
just noticed it last few days. I check brake fluid level ok, but the power steering fluid level is minimum, could this be the reason. tks
Had my oil changed and tires rotated Tuesday. Shortly thereafter, check engine light came on as well as VSC/Trac light. Ode day later, I was making a right-hand turn and my steering wheel began to lock up on me. I pul...
Getting poor gas milage. dealer checked fuel settings . says everthing good. rpm's seem high for mph. Car runs at 2150 rpms at 70 mph on interstate ,level ground . Dealer can not answer question. Need help!