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I HAVE A ROUGH IDLE WHEN STOPPED AND MECHANIC HAS SUGGESTED REPLACING ALL MOUNTS THAT WOULD COST $1350. do i need to replace all of them. my car has 113,0000 miles
All lights and other electrical is working
one shop says that all 5 motor strut mounts have to be replaced? Price quoted was $1320
Car runs smooth. I called Toyota, they said the tech didn't reset Oil light.
I have an 2008 Camry CE and my interior lights started going crazy one day going down the highway. The brake and ABS lights come on, the RPMs gauge goes to zero and comes back. the Temperature gauge also goes down to...
when the tranny shudders it feels like driving over a very aggressive rumble strip. It usually will not do it when the trans. is cold or within the first few miles of travel. it never does it over 50 and I don't seem ...
My brake light came on and now I have a continuous beeping until I stop
Sounded like a no-brainer, bad MAF. Have replaced it twice and the code still comes back. Seems to happen more during or after a drive on the highway. Any suggestions?
i bought a used 2008 Toyota Camry hybrid from America and discovered that the engine has experience over heating and also the inline-4, Atkinson cycle has also melted before the arrival of the car. please what could ...
it feels like it needs balance, but I bought new tires and balanced and now seats are shaking and still the vibration at high speed.
The navigation system worked fine when they were plugged into the car's electrical system. It suddenly stopped charging properly. Could it be an electrical problem and needs to replace a fuse?
2008 camry automatic transmission.first time this morning.
Got into a minor car accident on my Camry. There is a dent on the front door on the driver side.could close it. But when it rains, water would leak into the car. The door is kind of bent. but not by that much I want t...