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200000 miles Camry won't start after being intermittent using high-beam switch for two days. factory anti-theft device installed at factory when purchased.
I have seen that whenever I am turning my car into left or right and then pushing the gas pedal suddenly high for speeding up, It is not speeding up instead of that RPM indicator is going high and Noise is coming car....
engine light just came on. Went to auto zone they checked it and the code came up as P0031. If the oxygen sensor needs to be replaced by the Toyota dealer, what would the approximate total cost be?
Please if not possible, advice maximum newer year "4 cylinder" Camry engine I can use. Present one uses type iv transmission oil
Is it possible, if not which year engines of "4" cylinder can I use
when i engage the gear to rear or to 1st speed engine off
engine light came on I thought I needed oil this was discovered at Walmart & they do not do this type of job idea of cost to fix
check engine light came on and said this was the problem, the car was spitter and sputtering