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Recently failed emission inspection. Battery was unplugged on 3/7 of this year. I have drives a little over 1000 miles since then but still failed inspection and was told it was incomplete drive cycle.
tested the bulb on the opposite side and it works fine. checked the fuses and they are ok turn signal works ok on both sides does this car have a headlight igniter or headlamp relay
It comes on during start up. This just started a day ago.
My mechanic quoted $100.00 to replace and tighten up
It only does this upon acceleration. I have recently put new tires and had them balanced. It has new struts on it.
Whenever I started the car then all 3 lights are gone and car runs smooth. Only 1 issue I have found sometimes it hessiate if I accelare my car from steady speed. I went to Toyota service center.They told me that ther...
a/d light flashes and I can hear a loud fluttering/clicking noise under the dash
What could possibly cause the A/C of a 2003 camry not produce cold air after A/C gas filled?
I just recently filled my A/C gas and blew the filter but my car does not produce cold air and consumes more fuel. There was a problem with the fuel hose causing leakage but the hose is now changed. What should i ...
Just was told that the bucking and chugging of my car was due to faulty ignition coil(s). I don't want to over pay to have them replaced.
eye glass storage is coming loose. How do I remove it and refasten it?
The drivers door will work all the time, the other doors only when it is cold.