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Am suspecting that the left rear side strut and mount of my 2001 camry is bad, but not really sure. Causing a loud rattling sound, it has 125000 miles on it and am the second owner.
Engine light comes on when cold and engine runs rough. I get code p0302.
i drive an 01 Camry and it is my favorite car. It has always leaked oil, but lately it has gotten worse, and I let it get real low, so I immediately changed it, but since it ran low, it has started missing when taking...
I only have 62000 miles on the car, the check engine light came on at about. 2 months ago
Camry starts easy and runs well at idle, however, when climbing a hill it wants to surge w/o power and stays at a 20 MPH speed. I noticed the pipe running from EGR gets very hot. The rubber hose running from the EGR ...
I am going to replace plugs and wires but want to know is there anything else I should know before I start back up it came out when I was driving
Unless the battery is disconnected. The remote doesn't seem to affect it either.
How can I stop the emission of white smoke every morning and evening I start my car. This also causes shortage of oil and soaking of my plugs. Please I need this information as soon as possible.
My transmission started slipping then lost all gears in about five minutes of drive time with no warning and no unusual sounds or symptoms. I had a mechanic at a local shop pull my tranny and he had his "guy" rebuild ...
Hi, Wondering if it would be worth it to repair the parts necessary. The check engine light first came on in 2006 due to loosing the gas cap, since then it has been on and off. Now, it is constantly on. I've read a ...